App for Toddlers - Where is it?

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Our first App based on Unity3D has been developed especially for toddlers. A child between 1 to 4 can find the items searched by Lina by touching on it.
The game is simple. The challenge was a suitable positioning of the items, so that no item disappears under another.

Linas Haus

Inna Janssen

I'm mother and I think it's ok to let toddlers play on the tablet when you limit the time. I always searched for good apps for my son but there was a lot of cheap bad coded stuff in the Android Play store - the same game "drag a suitable puzzle to the right position" ist copied at least a hundred times... programmed without love... It's hard to find the really good Apps - and of course there are some. On my website Kikalu, I review the good ones.

"Where is it" has 2 scenes currently - one for free, and the other for around one dollar.

Official Startpage for the app (only german currently)

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